Our editors include two former U.S. high school teachers, both of whom are native English speakers: an attorney licensed to practice in Illinois* who speaks German, and a nurse who has lived in the Middle East and who also speaks Arabic.  Our editing team also includes a licensed social worker who received his master’s in social work (MSW) with a specialization in health and mental health from Loyola University Chicago.  He provides valuable insight into presenting accurate credentials and backgrounds in a way that increases the probability that they will be well-received personally and professionally.  

Our consulting team includes an International Medical Graduate (IMG) who is familiar with the procedures involved in the residency and fellowship application process and has completed residency and fellowship sub-specialty training in the United States.  Along with his exciting practice in a large government hospital, he has now been promoted to the position of Program Director in his chosen sub-specialty.  


Certain of our editors also develop marketing strategies so that cvpersonalstatement.com can reach those who need us most.

* Services offered and provided by cvpersonalstatement.com do not include legal services, and the Rules of Professional Conduct governing attorneys in the practice of law do not apply to services offered or provided by cvpersonalstatement.com. However, cvpersonalstatement.com offers outstanding writing skills, and remain firmly committed to confidentiality.

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Applicants: You can reach us at 618-207-3277 (phone), 618-457-2233 (fax), or by email, cvpersonalstatement@gmail.com, to perfect your Personal Statement or CV.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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