top of page is committed to the privacy and confidentiality of information Clients (“Applicants” to medical residency, medical fellowship or other medical or dental programs) provide to  That commitment is reflected in the following “Privacy Policy.” requires that Clients (“Clients” hereinafter refers to Prospective Clients as well as to Clients) review the following “Privacy Policy” and our “Terms and Conditions of Service” prior to forwarding documents to  When Client uses the website and/or contacts by phone or email, Client is subject to the “Privacy Policy” and for the “Terms and Conditions of Service” which apply to use of our website and services.  Please read our “Privacy Policy” carefully.


To further protect your security, requires that all communications related to the project is completing for the Client, be conducted directly between and the Client. does not communicate with the Client through the Client’s spouse, family members or friends, but rather, communicates directly with the Client and only with the Client, absent extraordinary circumstances.  It is solely Client’s responsibility to assure that the Client and only the Client (i.e., the “Applicant”) is the only person communicating with regarding Client’s project.  By placing a phone call to or contacting by email, the caller or emailer is representing that he or she is an “Applicant” to a residency, fellowship, or other medical or dental program, i.e., the “Applicant” who is considering services by on Client’s own behalf. This process reduces the likelihood that the Client’s information is passed on to unintended recipients or that information is miscommunicated.  In addition to helping protect Client’s privacy, this process also helps assure that all information intends to communicate to the Client actually reaches the Client, and vice versa. 


To elevate our confidentiality policy to a stricter level, does not have social media accounts (other than our blog), provide testimonials on our website, or publish on our website writing samples of work we have completed for previous Clients.   


The Client pays for's service exclusively through PayPal, requiring the Client to log in independently to the PayPal site. does not see or have access to the Client’s credit card/debit card number. does not accept credit or debit cards by phone, and does not accept checks. has an “https” website address, which provides an additional level of security above and beyond that level of security provided by an “http” website.  HTTPS is an encrypted website connection which helps protect data transfer when using this site.


The “Contact Form” on our site requires only the Client’s name and email address in order for the Client to make a quick contact.  CAPTCHA is enabled on our contact forms to help protect our website from spam/abuse and is a standard feature on most contact forms to tell humans and robots apart.


After’s service is complete, does not add Client to mailing lists or blast email list-serves, so Client's inbox will not be cluttered with marketing/promotional materials from reserves the right to amend this “Privacy Policy” at any time, and any changes will be posted on our website. Any such changes become effective upon their publication on our website,  Clients are encouraged frequently to review our “Privacy Policy” on our website to be advised of any such changes. encourages all Clients to protect their own privacy by carefully guarding the confidentiality of Client’s passwords and personal identification numbers, by refusing to disclose personal information to unknown callers, and by ensuring that all computers used by Clients are protected from unauthorized access or use. 


If you have questions or concerns about our “Privacy Policy,” please contact us.

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Privacy Policy

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