welcomes Clients to our editing service. We greatly appreciate the trust you have placed in us by contacting us regarding your personal statement, and/or your CV, and/or your future interview(s). requires that all Clients (“Clients” hereinafter refers to “Prospective Clients” as well as to “Clients”) review the following “Terms and Conditions of Service” and our “Privacy Policy” prior to forwarding documents to  When Clients use the website and/or contact by phone or email, Clients are subject to the “Terms and Conditions of Service” and “Privacy Policy” which apply to use of our website and editing service.  Please read our “Privacy Policy" and "Terms and Conditions of Service” carefully prior to forwarding documents to’s editing service is for the sole purpose of polishing the grammar, sentence and paragraph order, and structure of the Client’s CV or personal statement which Client has provided.   If the Client opts for the “Questionnaire-Based” personal statement, our editors may choose to include any of the information Client has provided in’s Questionnaire, and any additional information provided to during the editing process.


When Client agrees to have edit his or her document, edits the personal statement or CV with a view toward improving the document’s spelling, grammar, conciseness and clarity.  


Refunds are issued on a case-by-case basis, depending upon the circumstances.  Any Client requesting a refund is required to identify the specific reason(s) why a refund is being requested, with reference to specific portions of the document about which the Client is concerned.  Cvpersonalstatement will be fair in its analysis of whether a refund is warranted. 


The pricing and timelines for our editing services are referred to on the “Prices” page of our website, and will be further detailed in correspondence to Prospective Clients prior to pre-payment, upon Client’s request.


DISCLAIMER does not provide medical advice or medical information, nor does provide legal advice or consultation. does not confirm the accuracy or legality of any information which Client provides in his/her document. Client remains solely responsible for accuracy in medical advice and medical information, and shall hold, its owners, consultants, editors, advisors and employees harmless as to any liability, its owners, consultants, editors, advisors and/or employees may incur for inaccuracy in medical advice and/or medical information in materials related to Client’s project.   


Client is solely responsible for HIPAA compliance and accurate medical information in the documents, emails or phone calls provided by Client to, its owners, employees, consultants and advisors are not responsible for HIPAA compliance or the accuracy of medical information or medical advice in the Client’s documents, emails or phone conversations.  Client will hold, its owners, consultants, editors, advisors and employees harmless as to any liability, its owners, consultants, editors, advisors and/or employees may incur for lack of HIPAA compliance in connection with services rendered by on behalf of Client including but not limited to information provided by Client to  


Client is solely responsible for providing correct and accurate citations and medical information references that are in the document(s) and/or emails Client provides or sends to is not liable for any misinformation or omissions of or within the citations or references that are used by the Client in Client’s documents or in the edited documents which provides as the final draft.  


Client acknowledges and agrees that, its employees, consultants and owners are not liable for any losses or damages that might occur from the use of this site. values Client’s privacy (see’s “Privacy Policy.”).


Client understands that he or she must work directly with by email or phone once pre-payment has been completed, acknowledged and confirmed, and that Client shall not delegate these communications to spouses or other family members, or to friends, absent extraordinary circumstances. does not guarantee acceptance to the Client’s program of choice or to any other program.  


Regarding plagiarism, Client is responsible for submitting Client’s original document(s) to for editing.  The editors of do not review the Client’s original document for plagiarism. is not responsible for checking for plagiarized information which may be contained in document(s) Client provides to, or in emails or phone conversations with’s  owners, consultants, editors, advisors and/or employees. Client agrees to hold, its owners, consultants, editors, advisors and/or employees harmless as to any liability, its owners, consultants, editors, advisors and/or employees may incur for plagiarism in connection with services rendered by on behalf of Client.  




The website,, is protected by copyright laws.  Clients and all website visitors are strictly prohibited from copying, re-publishing, distributing, or transmitting any material from this website without prior written consent of or its authorized representative.

Terms and Conditions of Service

Applicants: You can reach us at 618-207-3277 (phone), 618-457-2233 (fax), or by email,, to perfect your Personal Statement or CV.

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